T1 Guide: Line 185 - UCCB amount designated to a dependant

Entering this Amount

Designating Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB) income to a dependant

  1. Click T-Slips at the bottom of the form to open the T-Slip and Receipts Entry window.
  2. In the Federal Slips list, click RC62.
  3. In the first empty column, enter the amounts from your slip into the corresponding boxes.
    Note: Enter each slip into its own column. Do not add T-slip amounts together in one column.
  4. To enter another slip for the same taxpayer, click in the empty column to the right of the one you just entered.
  5. When you have finished, click Save & Close.
  6. In the Introduction section of the interview, enter the information for you and your dependants, including whether you received the Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB). Note:You can only designate UCCB to a dependant if you were a single parent as of December 31. 2010.
  7. In the Entering Your Federal T-Slips list, select all the checkboxes that apply.

    Click Take Me There to go there now.

  8. Enter the amounts from your slips into the corresponding fields. Some boxes on your paper slip are included for identification purposes only, and are not required to calculate your taxes.
  9. After you enter your RC62 slips, enter the full amount you recieved for UCCB in the box next to UCCB amount to designate to a dependant. When you have finished, click Done with UCCB Income.

TurboTax transfers your benefit to line 117 of your T1 General.

To designate your UCCB income to an eligible dependant, enter the full UCCB amount on line 185 (below and to the left of line 117). TurboTax automatically subtracts this amount from line 117.

If you designated your UCCB income to a dependant, TurboTax transfers this amount to line 185 of your T1 General.

The Canada Revenue Agency says...

General Income Tax and Benefit Guide
If you were a single parent on December 31, 2010, you can choose one of the following options for reporting your UCCB:
Note: The UCCB income you report will not be included in the calculation of your GST/HST credit, your CCTB payments and any related provincial or territorial credits and benefits, the social benefits repayment (line 235), the refundable medical expense supplement (line 452), or the Working Income Tax Benefit (WITB) (line 453).
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