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If I submit an adjustment request form, what do I include with it?

If I submit an adjustment request form, what do I include with it?

To request an adjustment by mail, send one of the following plus any supporting documents (T-slips, receipts, etc.) to your tax centre:
  • a completed Form T1-ADJ, T1 Adjustment Request, or
  • a letter providing all the details, including your social insurance number, address, a telephone number where CRA can reach you during the day, and the taxation years you want them to adjust.

It will take longer for the CRA to process your request if you send a letter instead of Form T1-ADJ.

For more information, visit the CRA's Web site.

The Canada Revenue Agency says...

General Income Tax and Benefit Guide

If you need to make a change to any return you have sent us, do not file another return for that year. You should wait until you receive your notice of assessment before requesting any change to a return that has not been processed.

You can change your return in one of the following ways:

By Internet

By Internet

You can make changes yourself to your return online. To access our electronic service, simply log on to My Account and select the Change my return option. You can then enter and submit any changes to your most recent Income Tax and Benefit Return, or to your returns of the previous two years, and they will be sent directly to our processing systems. For example, you may want to increase a deduction you claimed or add information from a slip you received after you sent us your income tax return.

By mail

By mail
Send both of the following to your tax centre:
  • a completed T1-ADJ, Adjustment Request, or a signed letter providing the details of your request (including the years of the returns you want us to change), your social insurance number, your address, and a telephone number where we can reach you during the day; and
  • supporting documents for the changes you want to make and, if you have not sent them to us before, supporting documents for your original claim.
Note: Send your Form T1-ADJ or letter separately from your return for 2010.

Only requests relating to tax years ending in any of the 10 calendar years before the year you make the request will be considered. For example, a request made in 2011 must relate to the 2001 or a later tax year to be considered.

It usually takes eight weeks before we complete the adjustment and mail you a notice of reassessment.

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